-Contract modeller

Nick is primarily hired to work with a designer to help develop a design in clay, with his final deliverable being the finished “class A” surfaces for all the visible components. These clay surfaces can then be scanned and further worked in a digital environment for mass production or 3D printing.

-Full preparation and execution of full size clay models

From building up of the buck, through design development, to a fully finished painted model that is hard to tell from a real motorcycle (even up close!)

-Hard modelling, from fibreglass components to 3D printed parts

Moulding components direct from the clay, or integrating 3D printed parts to the clay model. Dealing with design development in hard modelling materials is also possible.

-Digital modelling (through highly specialised partners)

Until they come up with a solution that brings the physical world and the digital world closer together, we have to rely on digital modellers to take scan data and produce “mathematical” surfaces in CAD. Nick’s network includes some of the industry’s most talented motorcycle specialist digital modellers.

-Modelling project management

You give a deadline and a list of expectations. Nick will give the project plan to see that your expectations are well exceeded and on time and on budget.


Clay modelling is a very specialist area, and with that come some very specialist techniques. Nick is a knowledgeable and patient teacher.

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